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Create a Custom Furniture Rental Quote

Fashion Furniture Rental's Stager Rewards website is the only rental furniture site that allows you to browse real-time inventory and create a custom quote to your specific needs!

How it Works:

You'll be walked through a couple of steps narrowing down your lease term as well as the rooms you want to furnish. When you get to the Furniture Selection page, hover over the room headings over the top and click the subcategory you'd like to browse.

Add your desired furnishings to the rooms you selected and watch them get added to your cart on the right. When you're done, hit "Next" to review and submit your order.

What Happens When You Submit a Quote:

A confirmation email with your quote details and Quote Code will be emailed to you and our Customer Care Department. You will be contacted within 4 business hours to review your quote and discuss the next steps in regards to assigning and reserving your selections to a lease. If you'd like to follow up immediately after submitting a quote, please feel free to call 800-235-9030.

Some Things You Should Know:

Please make sure you read the FAQs page to understand how furniture is reserved and assigned to a lease.

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